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Ring Size Free Diameter Df 1.503
Groove Size Depth D 0.048
Ring Size Weight Per 1000 pcs lbs 13.2
Allowable Corner Radii & Chamfers Ch max 3000
Max Load w/ R max or Ch max 0.144
Edge Margin Y 13200
Allowable Corner Radii & Chamfers R max 0.052
Thrust Ld Ring Safety Factor of 2 Pg 5500
Hole Diameter Tol 1.812
Gaging Dia Gd Max 0.087
Minimum Section S min 0.006
Minimum Section Tol 0.125
Maximum Section Tol 0.097
Lug Height H 0.004
Maximum Section S Max 0.006
Thrust Ld Ring Safety Factor of 4 12028
Lug Height Tol 0.18
Clearance Dia Released In Groove L2 2.08
Clearance Dia Expanded Over Shaft L1 2.17
Material Carbon Spring Steel
Groove Size Width W 0.068
Ring Size Thickness T 0.062
Groove Size Diameter DG 1.529